Health Prevention / bellicon

Preventive Health Consultations (PHC)

Preventive Health Consultations aim to target and implement preventive means that allow a person to regain, maintain or improve his or her physical fitness, whether at the back, spine, joints, blood and lymphatic circulation, breathing, fatigue, burn out and stress management levels, and the consequences thereof.

These preventive means are derived from accessible and effective bodily techniques, which will be adapted to the complexity and evolution of the initial situation.


Isolated sessions:
Prevention or bellicon: 50 € / hour
Prevention or bellicon + massage: 60 € / hour

Card of 5 sessions:
Prevention or bellicon: 225 € (45 € / hour)
Prevention or bellicon + massage: 275 € (55 € / hour)

Card of 10 sessions : + 1 free session.

Each session includes an additional 10 to 15 minutes to prepare yourself.


Preferably on the bank account of Madeleine Rommel IBAN BE19 0630 2845 7512

Communication: name + date + PHC or bellicon

Consultations en Prévention-Santé (CPS) avec Madeleine Rommel
belllicon pour la prévention santé avec Madeleine Rommel à Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

The bellicon mini trampoline

Health Effects

  • the external muscles (responsible for movements and actions) are strengthened and relaxed,
  • deep internal muscles (responsible for maintaining and balancing), including the pelvic floor, strengthen, gain elasticity and improve their function,
  • in the rebound, the gravity effect constantly stimulates each cell of the body,
  • cartilage and bone density, as well as disc expansion, are also favored by a slight bouncing.
  • the bellicon is both softer and more intense than jogging and walking, because it provides their advantages without their disadvantages,
  • blood and lymphatic circulation are stimulated, as well as the digestive system,
  • breathing, oxygenation of tissues, endurance and cardiovascular system, body awareness and alignment, as well as coordination of movements, improve naturally;
  • the practice of bellicon frees the mind and promotes reconnection with the body. In this way, it is an effective means of preventing bodily problems and burn-out.
Achetez un trampoline bellicon© pour la prévention de votre santé
order a bellicon trampoline

Order your bellicon

Discover everything the bellicon can bring to you, both at the mental and body levels, and test the different models to find the one that best suits your body and your goals. Pleasure, well-being and health will be there.

Jumping on bellicon is mainly made by staying in touch with the canvas… on which you sink, a bit like wet sand.

The jumping web and its hanging system, different from other types of trampolines, allow for a completely different potential of use, particularly effective in health prevention, to maintain a good physical shape or regain it.

The bellicon is both :

— accessible (for young and elderly),
— effective (positive results after 5 to 10 min/day),
— playful (awakens the joy of living and the pleasure of moving).

If you wish to benefit from an initiation and / or a loan at home – free of charge and without obligation – contact us via the contact form to make an appointment.

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