Ashtanga Yoga

The Ashtanga Yoga… Intense, fluid and dynamic, the practice of Ashtanga Yoga can adapt to everyone through a gentle, conscious and preventive approach, including:
  • structured postural work,
  • binding movements between postures, synchronized with breathing (vinyasa),
  • maintenance of pelvic floor (mula bandha) and pre-abdominal (uddiyana),
  • a calibrated, powerful and gentle breathing (ujjayi),
  • concentration of the gaze (drishti),
  • preventive aspects specific to the hygiene of the movement.

Preventive Yoga … brings together the therapeutic aspects of Ashtanga Yoga, kinesitherapy, and other methods of Yoga. It offers multiple approaches to postures and movements, in a progressive flow that promotes rehabilitation.

an opportunity to connect with the Inner Wisdom that manages the movements of the human body: when we apply the physical parameters that allow it to act, it then generates a therapeutic movement, global because it is connected to the entire muscular system, natural because without interaction of the will, optimal because it requires the minimum of effort.

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