Yoga - Group Courses

Group Courses

Each participant receives individualized adjustments, in a progressive evolution with a therapeutic aim.

Price for group courses in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

* card of 5 classes: 105 € (valid for 3 months) or card of 10 classes: 200 € (valid for 6 months) Notes:
  • Any missed course can be reclaimed, as long as a subscription – or a card – is in progress. A payment is refunded only if the course – or the internship – does not take place.
  • For isolated courses, the annual fee is not due.
  • Thank you for arriving a few minutes before the course, to start on time.
  • Send a text message in case of non-attendance, so that your place can be offered to someone else.
Cours de groupe de yoga par Madeleine Rommel | Prévention Yoga Massage à Woluwe-Saint-Pierre & Wezembeek Oppem
Group Courses Prévention Yoga Massage
Group Courses Prévention Yoga Massage


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